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Open Distro for Elasticsearch 1.13.2 is now available

We are delighted to release Open Distro for Elasticsearch 1.13.2 including general availability of Trace Analytics functionality. This release also resolves a bug related to several issues in index management. Open Distro for Elasticsearch 1.13.2 includes the Apache 2.0-licensed Elasticsearch and Kibana 7.10.2 as well as functionality for alerting, anomaly detection, performance analysis, security, SQL/PPL, k-NN and more. You can get started by visiting our Getting Started & Downloads page.

Trace Analytics

When you build increasingly complex, distributed applications that span multiple microservices and machines, a single operation from a user can set off a sequence of activity across this complex system. When everything is going well, this creates a robust, scalable application, however when your system is operating unexpectedly, the complexity makes for a challenging diagnosis. The challenge can be met by recording data on each operation as it moves through the service invocations, this data is known as a ‘trace’.

Screen shot of trace analytics

Trace Analytics is a Kibana plugin that provides you with visualizations of each individual trace execution across service invocations. It aggregates trace data into trace group and service map views, enabling you to monitor insights of your application performance on trace data. This enables you to troubleshoot performance and availability issues in your distributed applications, giving end-to-end insights not possible with traditional methods of analyzing logs and metrics from each component and service separately.

Trace Analytics supports OpenTelemetry, a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project which provides a single set of APIs, libraries, agents, and collector services to capture distributed traces and metrics, enabling you to leverage Trace Analytics without having to re-instrument your applications. Data Prepper, a beta component of Open Distro for Elasticsearch, converts trace information from a variety of application libraries and SDK’s into data directly usable with the Trace Analytics plugin. Previously available as an experimental plugin, Trace Analytics is now a generally available component of Open Distro for Elasticsearch.


This version also resolves several related issues regarding field_caps interception logic in index management for remote cluster indices. Among other issues, this prevented the creation of time-based index patterns in multi-cluster architectures (#418) as well as issues directly with the _field_caps API.

You can find the complete release notes for 1.13.2 on GitHub.

Download the latest packages

Join the community! If you aren’t yet participating in the Open Distro for Elasticsearch community we would love to have you onboard. A few ways to participate:

If you’re already part of our community of users and contributors, a hearty ‘thank you’ from the entire team goes to you. Special thanks to @mdiver, @yardenshoham, and @timricese for their contributions to Open Distro for Elasticsearch 1.13.2

We’re glad you’ve joined us on this journey and we deeply hope that this release solves a few problems and delights you along the way.

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Kyle Davis is the developer advocate dedicated to Open Distro for Elasticsearch. You can find him on Github or Twitter @stockholmux.