Last Updated: 2021-02-17

1. Forking Elasticsearch & Kibana

1.1 Why are you forking Elasticsearch and Kibana?

1.2 Where can I get news and updates on the forking process and development?

1.3 Will the project still be called ‘Open Distro for Elasticsearch’?

1.4 I want to contribute, what can I do?

1.5 What will your governance model be? Are you looking at any foundations?

1.6 What’s the relationship between the existing Open Distro for Elasticsearch project and the forks of Elasticsearch and Kibana?

1.7 Are you forking Logstash and Beats?

2. General

2.1 Why Open Distro for Elasticsearch?

2.2 Are you forking Elasticsearch?

2.3 Are you going to keep pace with the upstream Elasticsearch releases?

2.4 How is Open Distro for Elasticsearch licensed?

2.5 Will you be making contributions back to Elasticsearch open-source?

2.6 Can Open Distro for Elasticsearch components be installed as standalone plugins?

2.7 Can I use Open Distro for Elasticsearch plugins with the proprietary Elastic Stack?

2.8 Is Open Distro for Elasticsearch fully-compatible with Elasticsearch?

2.9 What is your roadmap for Open Distro for Elasticsearch?