Configure WMS map server

Due to licensing restrictions, the default installation of Kibana does in Open Distro for Elasticsearch doesn’t include a map server for tile map visualizations. To configure Kibana to use a WMS map server:

  1. Open Kibana at https://<host>:<port>. For example, https://localhost:5601.
  2. If necessary, log in.
  3. Management.
  4. Advanced Settings.
  5. Locate visualization:tileMap:WMSdefaults.
  6. Change enabled to true, and add the URL of a valid WMS map server.

      "enabled": true,
      "url": "<wms-map-server-url>",
      "options": {
        "format": "image/png",
        "transparent": true

Map services often have licensing fees or restrictions. You are responsible for all such considerations on any map server that you specify.