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The Open Distro for Elasticsearch command line interface (odfe-cli) lets you manage your ODFE cluster from the command line and automate tasks.

Currently, odfe-cli supports the Anomaly Detection and k-NN plugins, along with arbitrary REST API paths. Among other things, you can use odfe-cli create and delete detectors, start and stop them, and check k-NN statistics.

Profiles let you easily access different clusters or sign requests with different credentials. odfe-cli supports unauthenticated requests, HTTP basic signing, and IAM signing for Amazon Web Services.

This example moves a detector (ecommerce-count-quantity) from a staging cluster to a production cluster:

odfe-cli ad get ecommerce-count-quantity --profile staging > ecommerce-count-quantity.json
odfe-cli ad create ecommerce-count-quantity.json --profile production
odfe-cli ad start ecommerce-count-quantity.json --profile production
odfe-cli ad stop ecommerce-count-quantity --profile staging
odfe-cli ad delete ecommerce-count-quantity --profile staging


  1. Download and extract the appropriate installation package for your computer.

  2. Make the odfe-cli file executable:

    chmod +x ./odfe-cli
  3. Add the command to your path:

    export PATH=$PATH:$(pwd)
  4. Check that the CLI is working properly:

    odfe-cli --version


Profiles let you easily switch between different clusters and user credentials. To get started, run odfe-cli profile create with the --auth-type, --endpoint, and --name options:

odfe-cli profile create --auth-type basic --endpoint https://localhost:9200 --name docker-local

Alternatively, save a configuration file to ~/.odfe-cli/config.yaml:

    - name: docker-local
      endpoint: https://localhost:9200
      user: admin
      password: foobar
    - name: aws
        profile: ""
        service: es


odfe-cli commands use the following syntax:

odfe-cli <command> <subcommand> <flags>

For example, the following command retrieves information about a detector:

odfe-cli ad get my-detector --profile docker-local

For a request to the Elasticsearch CAT API, try the following command:

odfe-cli curl get --path _cat/plugins --profile aws

Use the -h or --help flag to see all supported commands, subcommands, or usage for a specific command:

odfe-cli -h
odfe-cli ad -h
odfe-cli ad get -h