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The Open Distro project is archived. Open Distro development has moved to OpenSearch. The Open Distro plugins will continue to work with legacy versions of Elasticsearch OSS, but we recommend upgrading to OpenSearch to take advantage of the latest features and improvements.

Upgrade to 1.11.0 (Kibana)

Open Distro 1.11.0 renames the SQL Workbench plugin for Kibana to the Query Workbench.

Instead of incrementing the opendistro_sql_workbench version number, remove the plugin and install opendistro-query-workbench instead, as covered in Standalone Kibana plugin install.

Alerting and anomaly detection

If you’re upgrading from an older Open Distro version and have enabled opendistro.alerting.filter_by_backend_roles, make sure you’re aware of the following usage considerations for the alerting and anomaly detection plugins:

  • For detectors or monitors created prior to the upgrade, only admin users can assign permissions.

    After upgrading to the new Open Distro version, we recommend that all admin users update their existing detectors or monitors using the Update API. If not, the detectors or monitors will not be visible to any user, including that admin user.

    You only need to do this once and don’t have to repeat it for future upgrades.

  • All users must have an assigned backend role. If a user doesn’t have any backend role, the user can’t create detectors or monitors even with the correct permissions. This is because users are first filtered by the backend role.