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The Open Distro project is archived. Open Distro development has moved to OpenSearch. The Open Distro plugins will continue to work with legacy versions of Elasticsearch OSS, but we recommend upgrading to OpenSearch to take advantage of the latest features and improvements.

Common REST parameters

Elasticsearch supports the following parameters for all REST operations:

Option Description Example
Human-readable output To convert output units to human-readable values (for example, 1h for 1 hour and 1kb for 1,024 bytes), add ?human=true to the request URL. GET <index_name>/_search?human=true
Pretty result To get back JSON responses in a readable format, add ?pretty=true to the request URL. GET <index_name>/_search?pretty=true
Content type To specify the type of content in the request body, use the Content-Type key name in the request header. Most operations support JSON, YAML, and CBOR formats. POST _scripts/<template_name> -H 'Content-Type: application/json
Request body in query string If the client library does not accept a request body for non-POST requests, use the source query string parameter to pass the request body. Also, specify the source_content_type parameter with a supported media type such as application/json. GET _search?source_content_type=application/json&source={"query":{"match_all":{}}}
Stack traces To include the error stack trace in the response when an exception is raised, add error_trace=true to the request URL. GET <index_name>/_search?error_trace=true