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KNN Settings and statistics

The KNN plugin adds several new index settings, cluster settings, and statistics.

Index settings

The default values should work well for most use cases, but you can change these settings when you create the index.

Setting Default Description
index.knn.algo_param.ef_search 512 The size of the dynamic list used during KNN searches. Higher values lead to more accurate, but slower searches.
index.knn.algo_param.ef_construction 512 The size of the dynamic list used during KNN graph creation. Higher values lead to a more accurate graph, but slower indexing speed.
index.knn.algo_param.m 16 The number of bidirectional links that the plugin creates for each new element. Increasing and decreasing this value can have a large impact on memory consumption. Keep this value between 2-100.
index.knn.space_type “l2” The vector space used to calculate the distance between vectors. Currently, the KNN plugin supports the l2 space (Euclidean distance) and cosinesimil space (cosine similarity). For more information on these spaces, refer to the NMSLIB documentation.

Cluster settings

Setting Default Description
knn.algo_param.index_thread_qty 1 The number of threads used for graph creation. Keeping this value low reduces the CPU impact of the KNN plugin, but also reduces indexing performance.
knn.cache.item.expiry.enabled false Whether to remove graphs that have not been accessed for a certain duration from memory.
knn.cache.item.expiry.minutes 3h If enabled, the idle time before removing a graph from memory.
knn.circuit_breaker.unset.percentage 75.0 The native memory usage threshold for the circuit breaker. Memory usage must be below this percentage of knn.memory.circuit_breaker.limit for knn.circuit_breaker.triggered to remain false.
knn.circuit_breaker.triggered false True when memory usage exceeds the knn.circuit_breaker.unset.percentage value.
knn.memory.circuit_breaker.limit 60% The native memory limit for graphs. At the default value, if a machine has 100 GB of memory and the JVM uses 32 GB, KNN uses 60% of the remaining 68 GB (40.8 GB). If memory usage exceeds this value, KNN removes the least recently used graphs.
knn.memory.circuit_breaker.enabled true Whether to enable the KNN memory circuit breaker.
knn.plugin.enabled true Enables or disables the KNN plugin.


KNN includes statistics that can give you a sense for how the plugin is performing:

GET _opendistro/_knn/stats

You can also filter by node and/or statistic:

GET /_opendistro/_knn/nodeId1,nodeId2/stats/statName1,statName2
Statistic Description
totalLoadTime The time in nanoseconds that KNN has taken to load graphs into the cache.
evictionCount The number of graphs that have been evicted from the cache due to memory constraints or idle time.
hitCount The number of cache hits. A cache hit occurs when a user queries a graph and it is already loaded into memory.
cacheCapacityReached Whether knn.memory.circuit_breaker.limit has been reached.
loadSuccessCount The number of times KNN successfully loaded a graph into the cache.
graphMemoryUsage Current cache size (total size of all graphs in memory) in kilobytes.
missCount The number of cache misses. A cache miss occurs when a user queries a graph and it has not yet been loaded into memory.
loadExceptionCount The number of times an exception occurred when trying to load a graph into the cache.
script_compilations The number of times the KNN script has been compiled. This value should usually be 1 or 0, but if the cache containing the compiled scripts is filled, the KNN script might be recompiled.
script_compilation_errors The number of errors during script compilation.
script_query_requests The number of query requests that use the KNN script.
script_query_errors The number of errors during script queries.