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The Open Distro project is archived. Open Distro development has moved to OpenSearch. The Open Distro plugins will continue to work with legacy versions of Elasticsearch OSS, but we recommend upgrading to OpenSearch to take advantage of the latest features and improvements.

Version history

Open Distro version Release highlights Release date Elasticsearch version
1.13.3 Adds security measures that patch the CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability, which affects the log4j library. 11 December 2021 7.10.2
1.13.2 Adds Trace Analytics plugin to Kibana. Includes bug fixes for ISM, Kibana reports, Kibana notebooks, and SQL. 7 April 2021 7.10.2
1.13.1 Fixes bugs with Performance Analyzer failing to start and the security plugin blocking requests to _cat/health. 4 March 2021 7.10.2
1.13.0 Adds ARM64 support, enhancements to SQL, asynchronous search plugin, and Historical Data Workbench for the anomaly detection plugin. Bumps Elasticsearch version. 17 February 2021 7.10.2
1.12.0 Adds Kibana reports, index rollups, and Hamming distance for k-NN. 14 December 2020 7.10.0
1.11.0 Adds Piped Processing Language (PPL) for exploring data, high cardinality support to anomaly detection, custom scoring for k-NN, and security support to the alerting plugin. Query Workbench replaces SQL Workbench in this version. 27 October 2020 7.9.1
1.10.1 Completely revamps the security user interface in Kibana, adds new email destination to the alerting plugin, adds sample detectors to anomaly detection, bumps Elasticsearch version. 30 September 2020 7.9.1
1.9.0 Adds Root Cause Analysis, new anomaly detection actions, and a new Index State Management action. 9 July 2020 7.8.0
1.8.0 Adds snapshot operation to Index State Management, a new count aggregation to anomaly detection, and cosine similarity to k-NN. Also bumps Elasticsearch version. 2 June 2020 7.7.0
1.7.0 Adds numerous new SQL operations, SQL user interface for Kibana, SQL CLI, anomaly detection plugin, and anomaly detection user interface for Kibana. 13 May 2020 7.6.1
1.6.0 Adds the k-NN plugin to the RPM and Debian installs, improves exception handling and report date handling for the SQL plugin, and bumps Elasticsearch version. 02 April 2020 7.6.1
1.4.0 Adds the k-NN plugin for Elasticsearch to the Docker image, adds account management to the security plugin API and Kibana, and bumps Elasticsearch version. 10 February 2020 7.4.2
1.3.0 Adds Index State Management plugins for Elasticsearch and Kibana and bumps Elasticsearch version. 17 December 2019 7.3.2
1.2.1 Bumps Elasticsearch version. 4 November 2019 7.2.1
1.2.0 Bumps Elasticsearch version. 19 September 2019 7.2.0
1.1.0 Bumps Elasticsearch version. 30 July 2019 7.1.1
1.0.2 Fixes an action group bug in the security plugin. 23 July 2019 7.0.1
1.0.1 Fixes backend role bugs in the security plugin. 12 July 2019 7.0.1
1.0.0 Adds action throttling to the alerting plugin and bumps Elasticsearch to a new major version. See Upgrade to 1.x.x for breaking changes. 28 June 2019 7.0.1
0.10.0 Support for older Elasticsearch version. 7 August 2019 6.8.1
0.9.0 Bumps Elasticsearch version. 1 May 2019 6.7.1
0.8.0 Bumps Elasticsearch version. 5 April 2019 6.6.2
0.7.1 Fixes Kibana multi-tenancy. 29 March 2019 6.5.4
0.7.0 Initial release. 11 March 2019 6.5.4

For detailed release notes, see these GitHub repositories: