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The Open Distro project is archived. Open Distro development has moved to OpenSearch. The Open Distro plugins will continue to work with legacy versions of Elasticsearch OSS, but we recommend upgrading to OpenSearch to take advantage of the latest features and improvements.

Upgrade to 1.10.1 (Kibana)

Open Distro 1.10.1 includes a breaking change for the Kibana security plugin, which now uses the new Kibana plugin platform.

Kibana security plugin

You must make a manual configuration change if your Kibana install meets these conditions:

  • You upgraded Kibana from any of the previous versions to 1.10.1.
  • You use the Kibana security plugin version or newer.
  • You use unsecured HTTP for the communication protocol.

Add this line to kibana.yml, and restart Kibana: false